It is with pleasure that we the undersigned establish the permanent coordination unit of American Alumni Associations in Europe – the European Network of American Alumni Associations (ENAM) on December 1, 2011 in Rome.

ENAM’s mission is to strengthen networking and collaboration among the member associations, facilitate their active participation in U.S. Department of State Alumni community initiatives and promote common values shared by American alumni worldwide.

We are determined to promote cultural and educational exchanges that lead to better global understanding and partnerships around the world, as a key focus of our network.

We view ENAM as a platform to share best practices from individual member associations, explore opportunities for joint initiatives, promote common ideals and values, foster ties of friendship ties among the people of the United States and ENAM member countries.

We welcome the inclusion of new associations into ENAM, and thus we will support the establishment of new alumni associations in Europe.

We commend the U.S. Department of State’s efforts in support of the establishment of ENAM, as part of its continuous effort on strengthening global alumni community. We will cooperate with U.S. Department of State and likeminded organizations while accomplishing our mission.

Read the Congratulation Letter from the United States Department of State