We, the European Network of American Alumni Associations, strongly protest the ongoing invasion of Ukraine and reaffirm our dedication to human rights, national sovereignty, and dialogue as the best mechanism for resolving conflict.

We affirm that our solidarity with Ukraine does not and must not translate into any enmity for any other people, nor does it weaken our historic and ongoing commitment to diplomacy, which is the only productive route forward for all parties.

We call on our alumni to leverage their diverse networks to contribute to a peaceful resolution of this crisis. That includes robust and meaningful engagement with Russian peers, partners, and allies.

As the forum for alumni of all United States exchange programs based in Europe and Eurasia, we understand that our membership has a special and vital role to play in restoring peace and stability to eastern Europe and the wider world.

We are reaching out to individual alumni and alumni associations in the region to lend support and ensure that we remain connected.

Tonia Arahova, Greece

Massimo Cugusi, Italy

Muddassar Ahmed, United Kingdom

György Kovács, Hungary

Lothar Hofmann, Austria

Vincent Mc Carthy, Ireland

Anna-Elisabeth Schmitz, Germany

Mišo Dokmanović, N. Macedonia

Date: 1/3/2022