ENAM Dublin 2023

The ENAM Conferences are hosted by member associations and they cultivate the next generation of leaders in the European U.S. Alumni community by showcasing new perspectives on the U.S.-European relationship and celebrating the achievements of the U.S. exchange alumni community in Europe. The ENAM General Assembly also takes place during conferences allowing members to decide [...]

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ENAM Statement on Ukraine

We, the European Network of American Alumni Associations, strongly protest the ongoing invasion of Ukraine and reaffirm our dedication to human rights, national sovereignty, and dialogue as the best mechanism for resolving conflict. We affirm that our solidarity with Ukraine does not and must not translate into any enmity for any other people, nor does [...]

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Board Meeting Skopje 2019

From September 13-15, the ENAM Board members met in Skopje, North Macedonia, for their second in-person meeting in 2019. The meeting built on the discussions of the previous Board meeting in Athens, Greece, where it was decided that ENAM needed to be rejuvenated to ensure it can achieve genuine impact for the US Alumni Community [...]

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Board Meeting Athens 2019

On May 10, 2019, the ENAM Board got together at the U.S. Embassy in Athens at the invitation of Ms. Tonia Arahova, the newly elected secretary general of the Alumni Network. The discussions focused on future initiatives as well as reorganization and possible restructuring of the organization, new visibility approaches and policies. In addition, later [...]

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ENAM Conference Cologne 2018

In November 2018, the German Alumni Associations (GAA) of US-based exchange programs, namely PPP Alumni e. V., Fulbright Alumni e. V. and APPPS e. V., hosted the 11th ENAM Conference titled “One Europe - One Transatlantic Partnership” in Cologne, Germany. The event was co-organized by the America House in Cologne, the Chamber of Commerce Cologne [...]

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Smart Cities for a better Europe

- PROGRAM PROPOSAL - Background On June 12-14 2015, Amerigo, the All-USG Alumni Association of Italy established in 2007, will host in Rome the 6th Conference and the 3rd General Assembly Meeting of the European Network of American Alumni Associations (ENAM). The European Network of American Alumni Associations was founded in Rome in 2011, upon [...]

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ENAM Founders Statement

It is with pleasure that we the undersigned establish the permanent coordination unit of American Alumni Associations in Europe - the European Network of American Alumni Associations (ENAM) on December 1, 2011 in Rome. ENAM’s mission is to strengthen networking and collaboration among the member associations, facilitate their active participation in U.S. Department of State [...]

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